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Full Time Jobs On Oil rig, Working aboard an oil rig (International Oil Rig Jobs) is hard work ..., however the facilities are excellent. Many of the accommodation wings meet hotel standards, despite being located in the middle of the ocean. All food, board and laundry expenses are usually met by the employer & the foods are of exceptional quality. All transfer and traveling expenses to and from offshore oil rig drilling jobs are also met by the employer.

Another considerable benefit is that most personnel work in a 14 / 21 day rotation. This means you will work for 14 days, and will get 21 off. This translates to holidays for 3/5 of the year.

Prior to securing offshore oil drilling rig jobs, it is advisable to have experience with land based rigs. This gives you the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in an offshore environment.

Once workers have mastered the entry level positions on rigs, they will usually be given the opportunity to progress to more difficult or responsible positions. Along this route, on-the-job training is usually given. This may be handled in a variety of ways, including job shadowing, mentoring and coaching.

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If you are an experienced professional and experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, Schlumberger offer exciting positions around the globe. like at North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS, and Africa Middle East and Asia Pacific , Schlumberger operates globally in over 80 countries like : Canada, US, Alaska, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates- UAE, Puerto Rico, Africa, Australia, New Zealand ..etc.
other opportunities at Schlumberger : Completion Engineers, Directional Drillers,Drilling Engineers, Drilling Superintendents, Geologists and Geophysicists, Geomechanics Engineers, Petrophysicists, Production Engineers,Production Managers, Production Technologists, Project Managers, Reservoir Engineers, Rig Managers, Rig Technical Managers, Wellsite Supervisors and etc, Field Engineers Research & Development Scientistsand Engineers, Manufacturing, Supply Chain andLogistics Professionals and Engineers, Software Engineers, Petrotechnical Graduates, Specialists, Experienced professionals. More information Visit the site/ Descriptions for each of the various positions within Schlumberger can be found at: